Jon Rowe is an entrepreneur, investor and digital marketing specialist. Having started as a musician at the tender age of 16, Jon soon developed an interest in digital marketing in order to promote and sell his music, eventually playing shows all over the country. From music, the inevitability of developing an interest in business arrived in his late teens/early twenties. After graduating, Jon set up his own digital marketing company called Momentum Social Media, where he provided services to several businesses, helping them to target and reach new customers in order to increase their revenue. 
In 2015, Jon worked alongside DK Matai at Quantum Innovation Labs (qilabs.net), an investment and evaluation platform for the development of quantum technologies. He acted as digital marketing specialist and was responsible for planning and implementing the marketing strategy alongside DK. This involved targeting and developing relationships with quantum physicists, investors, financial institutions and entrepreneurs.
Following this, Jon relocated to South Korea, where he lived for around a year and a half. Here, Jon continued to work as consultant in digital marketing internationally while trading stocks on the FTSE. Jon first began to trade equities on the FTSE in 2013 and his portfolio has gone from strength to strength each year. Jon is a well respected specialist in digital marketing and equity trading. 


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