Why You MUST Vote For Jeremy Corbyn…

Written by Jon Rowe 26/05/2017

National campaigning restarts today following the tragic events that took place on Monday night at the Manchester Arena. My thoughts are with those that have been affected by the acts of terror and I'm tremendously proud of the spirit shown by the people of Manchester. The NHS and the police force played a vital role in responding to the aftermath of the attack and they will both continue to do so in the weeks and months ahead.

As we gear up towards voting day, with only around 2 weeks or so to go, here is why I think you must vote for a government led by Jeremy Corbyn.

Katie Hopkins will leave the country

Okay, so this first reason is a bit of a joke but recently on Twitter, the controversial media 'personality', Katie Hopkins, said that should Labour win on June the 8th, she would leave the country ‘for good’. Not having to listen to her dire interviews on national TV sounds rather appealing but it's reasonable to suggest that she only stated this to draw attention to herself AGAIN... and yes you could say that by including her in this article, I'm continuing to feed her attention. At this unfortunate time, I thought I'd start on a lighter note - even still, I wouldn’t complain if she should decide to leave.

10,000 new police officers

It has been reported that during the last conservative government, the number of serving police officers was cut by 20,000 and on the 2nd of May, Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, stated that she wouldn’t rule out further cuts to the police force. The events of Monday evening are a stark reminder as to why having a well resourced police force is totally necessary. With the threat level being increased to critical in the UK and the army being order to police alongside serving police officers, It is reasonable to argue that this is mainly as a result of an underfunded and under resourced police force. A police force that alone, cannot cope with that level of threat.

In the Labour manifesto, Jeremy Corbyn outlined his intention to hire 10,000 new police officers, that are evidently desperately needed. Now is not the time to cut the police force, now is the time to invest in more officers and to make sure that our police force as a whole is well resourced. I believe that under another Tory government, our police force is under threat with further cuts imminent.

An NHS for all

The Tories have a history of privatization, with the privatizations of the Royal Mail and the national railway system only acting as examples. Many people fear that the next service on the list is the privatization of the NHS as a whole and should that be the case, it would be a complete disaster. Imagine the aftermath of Monday night's events being dealt with by a privatized NHS... Imagine, a victim being taken care of following injury and then subsequently being presented with an invoice. I've personally lived in countries with privatized national health services and I experienced the corruption and the way in which doctors will try to manipulate you in order to make more money.

The moment that a health system is privatized, doctors become businessmen and that is a scary, scary situation to live in. We put our faith in our doctors to serve us well and to look after our best interests, doctors in a privatized environment are more concerned with utilizing their 'expertise' in order to milk you of your money. The mentality is totally different and it is essential that we maintain our national health service as being free for all to use.

In his manifesto, Jeremy Corbyn has outlined his plan to protect the NHS, to invest in the NHS in order to maintain high standards of care provision for all. He has guaranteed access to treatment within 18 weeks that will act to take over 1 million people off the current waiting list and he has guaranteed that A&E patients will receive treatment within 4 hours. It is vital that the NHS stays nationalized and I believe that with Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister, the NHS will be protected.

Under another Conservative government, both the NHS and the police force are under threat in the long term. Jeremy Corbyn will protect our vital health services and will ensure that our police force is well resourced and rightly so. For both these reasons alone, I believe that voting for Jeremy Corbyn is a must on June 8th.

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