Following The Attacks In Manchester, Who Is Britain Safer With…?

Written by Jon Rowe 24/5/2017

Like millions of people around the country, I was left shocked and horrified by the events that took place in the Manchester Arena on Monday night, during the Ariana Grande concert. Experiencing such acts of terror must have been horrific and my thoughts go out to the friends and families of those who sadly lost their lives.  It is deeply regretful that they will have to endure unimaginable pain and sadness following their loss.

This was not the first time that acts of terror have taken place within the UK and we are all too familiar with the attacks that have taken place across Europe in recent times. Combating terrorism must now become one of the most important policies throughout this year's general election. Yesterday, political parties rightly suspended campaigning in a mark of respect to those involved in the terror attacks and I applaud them for doing so.

So, what do the main political parties propose in their manifestos in terms of dealing with terrorism? Which party do you think Britain will be safer with?


  • Labour plan to hire 10,000 new police officers to work in community policing, equal to at least one more police officer on the beat for every neighborhood in the country.
  • Labour plan to hire 500 new border guards to add to the countries safeguards and border controls.
  • Labour intend on developing a close and cooperative relationship with the EU in order to combat terrorism across Europe. Labour aim to maintain the cross-border security agreements that the UK currently has with intelligence partners around the world.
  • Labour intend on re-evaluating the Prevent programme with the intention of assessing its effectiveness as well as its potential to alienate minority groups. Labour want to implement new measures against extreme and/or violent radicalization.

The Conservatives

  • The Tories plan to establish a ‘new national infrastructure police force’ which will merge the Civil Nuclear Constabulary, the Ministry of Defence Police and the British Transport Police.
  • The Tories plan to continue to invest in our security services as well as maintaining and developing their anti-terrorism strategy. They also plan on bolstering the response to cyber threats on private businesses, public services and individuals.     
  • The Tories intend on playing a leading role in NATO in order to retain the ability to conduct strike operations, peacekeeping, security missions and the deployment of a joint expeditionary force.
  • The Tories intend on continuing to meet the NATO commitment of spending 2% of GDP on defence and they intend on increasing the defence budget by at least 0.5% above inflation in every year of the new parliament.

The Liberal Democrats

  • The Lib Dems intend on continuing cross-border collaboration between security forces across Europe.
  • The Lib Dems intend on authorizing interceptions where warranted and allow surveillance of those suspected of serious crime and terrorism with proper judicial supervision.
  • The Lib Dems plan to end state powers of the mass collection of communications data, mass hacking, and the gathering of internet connection records.
  • The Lib Dems propose to scrap the Prevent programme and replace it with community schemes that tackle violent extremism.

This is only a brief overview of what each party is proposing and I would suggest that you go and read the manifestos for yourself. In the instance of combating terrorism, which party do you think will keep Britain safer? Let me know in the comments below...

Once again, my thoughts are with those affected by the horrific events in Manchester.

I welcome any thoughts, observations or opinions.


  1. The Labour Party would stop UK allowing indirect funding for terrorism by blocking arms sales to repressive regimes like Saudi Arabia, who are selling to terrorists like Daesh! -

  2. Only issue I have is that the Tories are not well known for keeping to manifesto promises and have actually cut police and military numbers why? that in itself was a senseless act given the threat to terrorism we are under.

    I also put the question why is the current Govt holding up democratic due process on one hand and saying on the other be calm and carry on, our citizens of Manchester are well aware of the love and affection we hold for them and the contempt we hold for terrorist and am sure they would rather democratic due process continues as only that will give the protections they must have and by holding up the election is showing the world our weakness

    France after all all carried on with there election whilst in a state of emergency we should do the same.


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